Jamie is keen to hear your views on a wide range of things as he enters his campaign for 2016. Hundreds have already replied to this survey from a wide range of areas and political views. If you would liek to share your political views and tell him what is important to you in your local area, please complete our  online survey.CLICK HERE Responses and analysis of the responses will be published on this website and via local press.

Scottish Tourism

The West of Scotland has so much to offer the world. Its beautiful Island communities, stunning scenery and a huge range of outdoor activities make it a prime spot for internal and overseas tourists. Jamie has been touring the west coast meeting with business owners, hotels, bars, shops, and exporters to find out what we can do as a party to help put Scotland on the International map. 

Rural Affairs

Jamie has been campaigning for rural and agricultural issues since his selection as candidate in the General Election.

Backing Small Business

Jamie is a huge supporter of small businesses across Ayrshire and indeed across Scotland. He thinks they are the lifeblood of the economy, our high streets and make up the silent majority of local employers.


 Faslane is an integral part of the security of the UK. It directly and indirectly employs thousands of people in Scotland and is a major part of our defence mix.