West Scotland MSP Calls for Action on Alcohol Harm in North Ayrshire

West Scotland MSP Jamie Greene today called for action on tackling alcohol abuse and harm in North Ayrshire.

Figures from Alcohol Focus Scotland reveal that 37% of men and 16% of women are currently drinking at “hazardous/harmful levels”. Last year in North Ayrshire there were 1,100 alcohol-related hospital stays and 32 alcohol-related deaths.

Figures also show that the cost of alcohol harm to North Ayrshire (through health, social care, crime and productive capacity) was £58.3 million or £433 per person.

There were 57 child protection cases in North Ayrshire where parental alcohol or drug misuse was involved.

Mr Greene commented: “These figures are extremely worrying and show that we need to take action to address these very real issues.”

“There’s nothing wrong with a drink but excessive binge drinking can have serious effects on people, friends and families. It’s important that we take serious the consequences of drinking and know our limits.”

“We spend nearly £60 million a year in North Ayrshire dealing with drinking issues and as the figures show it puts a lot of strain on our NHS. There are real benefits to dealing with this issue.”

“I thank Alcohol Focus Scotland for bringing this figures to the public’s attention and I would like to see people across the community and from all levels of government coming together to put together a real plan of action.”